Android chrome remote debugging

  1. Install chrome on Android
  2. connect to the android from pc through adb

you can connect throuh wireless or wired way (usb cabl3)

Install adb root apk to connect in a wireless way (requires root)

adb connect

From pc navigate to chrome://inspect From Android browse any site in chrome

Now you can see those sites in chrome://inspect tab inspect it and now you can see the mobiel screen of chrome in pc chrome

Inspect tab

Remote Android tab

Change the url in this tab. and load arbitrary url in webview of the app

how it helps you in Android bugbounty

1 Not only the sites you browse in chrome apk but also you can see the sites in android webview

2 you can know the cookies of the sites loaded in android webview too. becaues you can view that in pc chrome.

3 you can run commands like alert(1); and know whether it is loading javascript;

4 you can navigate to other sites in apk webview. what you want from pc chrome debugging.

If you want to know much more explore it on your own ;- Poke around with it

No thanks for reading the report :-